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Series of digital photographs

This photographic series is reflective of the effects of the change in relationship between self and time that many have experienced during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

For the majority, lockdown has meant having more spare time than usual, and with more spare time comes the question of how to spend this time. I find that a lot of our time is spent waiting; waiting for job opportunities, job application responses, government financial help, waiting to receive the vaccine, to go back to work, waiting for some ‘normality’, and for the virus to be ‘under control’. It has become a constant battle to keep our minds busy, steer away from overthinking, and even trying to deal with overriding feelings of guilt for not being as productive with our time as the next person in between these waiting periods. Within these photographs, I have depicted the feelings of isolation and suffocation within our personal environment that can occur as a result of the overwhelming aspect of having too much free time during these uncertain times.

Pause III.jpg
Pause II.jpg
Pause I.jpg
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